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Once a vast stretch of greenery and countryside, Waltham Forest today is well-paved and modernised borough of London that is sought after as an affordable place to let or rent and ideal location to create a long and steady revenue stream which BKPMS will help you reinforce and maintain. We will give you property services in Waltham Forest which is unchallenged.

With Waltham Forests rich history, today is home to a rich diversity of people that call Waltham Forest home. From the shores of Eastern Europe that include Polish and Ukrainian residents to the further reaches of Asia that include Pakistan, India and Bangladesh, the population has a created a suburban life of culture which BKPMS has rich familiarity with.

Homes In Waltham Forest

Waltham Forest was traditionally popular with retired couples and young families, with several high achieving primary schools which still teach to the highest standards. Now, younger professionals are now drawn to the area to take advantage of the affordable and rental prices and opportunities such as direct access to Central London on the Victoria line that offers easier commuting.

Homes In Hackney History

Up until the 18th century, Hackney was considered a more rural community with villages and large villages dotted around the borough. Towards the end of the century, Hackney took advantage and began to ride the wave of industry.

The development of factories along the River Lea were built alongside estates to accommodate the major arrival of workers. Today, Hackney is popular with bankers and business owners that work within Central London. Using our property management services in Hackney, we will find you reliable renters.

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Since 2017, the average property price in the borough is around £450,000, which is considered lower than the London average despite a jump of 10%. Respectively, more popular boroughs of London fell in price by up to 15%, showing just how much of a property hotspot Waltham Forest is becoming, particularly in central Walthamstow. Contact BKPMS to find out more about its renting and letting advantages using our property maintenance in Waltham Forest.

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BKPMS lettings and property management teams are ready to assist you with any of your property services in Waltham Forest. Whether you are a new landlord, accidental landlord or experienced landlord with a portfolio in Waltham Forest, BKPMS as local knowledge and access to property maintenance that is not always available with any other property management service.

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Our track record and experience as property agents in Waltham Forest puts us in the perfect position to achieve the best possible price for your property, keep your property in the best condition and create a seamless journey between landlord and tenant. Services that you need such as guaranteed rents, property maintenance, we also maintain the trust our clients put in us. Contact us about your property service needs.

Alongside Waltam Forest we also cater our personalised property management services to other areas in and around London like Tower HamletsEnfieldNewham to name a few. BKPMS has in-depth knowledge on all of the areas we cover.

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