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BKPMS is a leading property management company in Lewisham. Our reputation is based up trust, honesty and transparency. Many of our clients remain with us for years because they trust us to look after their most valuable property investments by becoming an advocate for them. Contact us to take advantage of our property services in Lewisham.

Homes in Lewisham

Lewisham is one of the inner boroughs of London. Most of Lewisham belongs to the historic county of Kent. It also connects to the boroughs of Southwark, Greenwich, and Bromley, as well as a section of the River Thames riverfront at Deptford, opposite Tower Hamlets.

Lewisham has a mix of structural properties that BKMPS manages as a part of its vast portfolio of clients. From flats and apartments to many detached, semi-detached, and terraced properties which are available to rent or rent by BKPMS through our property services in Lewisham.

Guaranteed Rents In Lewisham

Landlords have all had personal experiences where there is a period of not receiving rent whilst their property remains empty. For Lewisham landlords, we protect their rental revenue stream by offering our landlords guaranteed rents.

Property Management Services In Lewisham

Managing your properties through BKPMS, we will reinforce your rental income whether your property is occupied or remains empty. We will find you tenants through our digital and physical presence by advertising your property through many platforms using our property services in Lewisham. Contact us to find out more.

Property Management Company In Lewisham

BKPMS will cover repairs and the costs of maintenance for your properties rough our property services in Lewisham. If you are not familiar with renting or letting in Lewisham, we can advise you on the best ways of keeping your cost minimal whilst maximising your rental yield.

Essentially, your property is our business. The value we hold in your trust remains paramount. While there are things that are outside of your control, pass your control over to us and we will carry out any day-to-day repairs for FREE. Our property services in Lewisham are second to none.

Property Services In Lewisham Done Properly

Using the personal touch when it comes to offering properties services in Lewisham to our landlords, we are more than just a digital presence. Through reputation alone, we have been able to offer landlords guaranteed rents throughout the beating heart of London, and as letting agents for our landlords rent out your home could never be easier, whether on the phone or in person.

Property Services In Lewisham

BKPMS is a centre of excellence that manages properties for you. Whatever, or wherever the property, you can leave it with BKPMS to have your property maintenance in Lewisham covered.

Our property agents in Lewisham are ready to help you and your rental income. We become the bridge between landlords and their tenants.

Bk Property Management Services will include:

• Property marketing across all platforms
• Referencing tenants
• Preparing tenant agreements
• Rent collection
• Providing monthly statements
• Serving appropriate notices to tenants
• Debt control and recovery of rent arrears
• Arranging of property repairs and maintenance as required
• Routine property visits
• Dedicated Customer Service Manager

Some of the other areas we cater property management services include Newham, Enfield and Croydon to name a few.



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